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Monday, August 13, 2018

August 13, 2018

Turkish Lira causes interest in Bitcoin from Istanbul, Handshake - Namebase and Ethereum Name Service rebuilding the internet.

As the Turkish Lira plummets and capital controls put in place by the Turkish central bank, one can really see the value decentralized cryptocurrencies provide to people who want to protect their value from plummeting with poor fiscal policies set by their own government. received a massive 42% increase in visitors from Turkey.

Open source project Handshake aims to decentralize what are known as “root zone files” which is one of the key fundamental infrastructures that allow the world wide web to function. This project looks to rebuild the infrastructure in a trustless, decentralized way that will make website phishing, DNS hijacking (where typing takes you to an adversarial server and cloned website designed to steal your crypto) a thing of the past. More information below!


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The latest in blockchain tech related news, community and workshop updates.