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Monday, June 18, 2018 

June 18, 2018

ETH not a security, EOS network stalls, State Channels paper released!


Upcoming Toronto Area Blockchain Events:
June 25, 2018: BlockTO: Block 3 - Identity on the Blockchain
June 28, 2018: The Blockchain Hub: Blockchain Recruiting Event

Upcoming Significant Blockchain Events:
June 21, 2018: TRON Mainnet Token Swap
June 25, 2018: ZCash Overwinter Network Upgrade
July 9, 2018: Augur Mainnet Deploy

For further significant events, check our Google Calendar.



Android Malware Worm that mines Cryptocurrency is infecting Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices
Hackers Stole Over $20 Million From Misconfigured Ethereum Clients
EOS Stops Functioning, Network Down
BeatCoin: Leaking Private Keys from Air-Gapped Cryptocurrency Wallets


A Non-Fungible Token Stampede Is Coming
The Genesis Files: If Bitcoin Had a First Draft, Wei Dai’s B-Money Was It
Counterfactual: Generalized State Channels on Ethereum


SEC announces cryptocurrency ether is not a security
An Ethereum Futures Future? U.S. Commodities Giants Lie In Wait After SEC Surprise


Integration ENS with IPFS by PhyrexTsai
Just merged: EIP 712: Ethereum typed structured data hashing and signing
Solidity DelegateProxy Contracts


Ethereum: Casper and Sharding Merger Confirmed, Constantinople Back on the Table (Video)
Binance, NEO Lead $12 Million Investment In AngelList Crypto Spin-Off Republic
Forget Prices, Ethereum Is Offering a Different Value in Afghanistan

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The latest in blockchain tech related news, community and workshop updates.