November 13, 2018

Bitcoin Cash contentious hard fork, ETH Devcon 4 videos up, SpaceChain launches first fully functioning node in space!

The Ethereum Devcon 4 talks are all posted on SlidesLive.

ZCash is already discussing future updates and feature goals to the ZCash protocol entitled “Blossom” after their successfull Sapling upgrade.

Bitcoin Cash will be undergoing a contentious hard fork in 2 days. The likelihood of the outcome will be a split chain (Same thing experienced by Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash over a year ago). This will not affect Bitcoin (BTC), only Bitcoin Cash (BCC/BCH) users.

SpaceChain launched their first fully functioning node into orbit on October 25.

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Blockcast Events:
Early December Date TBC: Blockcast Media Workshop

Upcoming Significant Blockchain Events [All times in EST (-4 UTC)]:
November 15, 2018: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Split
Now - End of November: AION Token Swap
December 12, 2018: Bakkt Launch
January 16, 2019: Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork (Tentative)

For further significant events, check our Google Calendar.



Ledger: A Brief History of Crypto Exchanges Hacks - Total loss to date: $1,542,620,000
The Little-Known Ways Ethereum Reveals User Location Data
Philip Daian: Smart Contract Security - Devcon 4


Building DApps people want. By Ramon Recuero on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE
The Unintended Consequences of Product Design - Taylor Monohan (MyCrypto)
The Big Deal About Blockchain, and Why it Matters to You
Let’s take a crack at understanding distributed “consensus”


China Lifts Bitcoin Ban; Individuals and Businesses Can Now Own Cryptocurrencies Legally
SEC charges EtherDelta founder with operating an unregistered exchange | (Twitter analysis between Katherine Wu and NYAG attorney) | SEC Ruling Document
Zooko Wilcox Says Regulators Like the Privacy of Zcash


Ethereum & Solidity Tutorials -
Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians: Open feedback thread for Council of Prague


Frankfurt School becomes first German University to issue blockchain-based academic certificates
The State of Ethereum-based Video Games

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