November 20, 2018

Bitcoin Cash is officially split, market downturn continues, SEC launches enforcement against ICOs.

Lots of news this week in regards to price and legal moves by the SEC!

A criminal investigation is underway as Bitfinex and Tether are accused of price manipulation during last year’s Bitcoin rally.

The SEC has started settling with ICOs that were being sold as unregistered securities. Airfox and Paragon were the first targets of the SEC, which has since settled.

Bitcoin Cash (ABC & Unlimited) and Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) have officially split after the network upgrade on November 15th.

Very cool, even during the recent wipeout of $40 billion in market cap and the drop from ~$200/ETH to current prices of ~$140/ETH, MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin has remained pretty consistent as the system liquidated about 75,000 ETH of bad CDPs.

More news below!


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