November 6, 2018

Devcon 4 success, MakerDAO upgrades on UX & audits, PivX decentralized exchange launched!

Happy belated 10th birthday to Bitcoin!

And a congratulations to the Ethereum Foundation for the success of Devcon 4 in Prague. Livestreams of the main stage on Day 1 is available here and of Day 2 available here.

Lots of news from Zooko of ZCash: It has been a huge week for them with the Sapling network upgrade, presentation about privacy at Devcon 4 and the friendly welcome of ZCash by governments, including New York State. Twitter thread located here.

MakerDAO gives us an update about the status of moving multi-collateral DAI onto the mainnet. Security and quality is of utmost importance. Audit is currently underway by Trail of Bits. They also have a cool, new, user-friendly interface to make it even easier for you to open up a collateralized debt position to create DAI tokens!

PIVX has launched their decentralized exchange , the first zero knowledge proof - privacy enabled exchange that does not require KYC/AML. A great experiment to test their Zerocoin protocol and masternode network.


Blockcast Events:
End Nov: Blockcast Media Workshop

Upcoming Toronto Area Blockchain Events:
November 8, 2018 @ 7pm: Block 7: Scalability on the Blockchain

Upcoming Significant Blockchain Events [All times in EST (-4 UTC)]:
November 15, 2018: Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Split
Now - End of November: AION Token Swap
December 12, 2018: Bakkt Launch
January 2019: Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork

For further significant events, check our Google Calendar.

More News:


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Sundar Pichai's 11-year-old son is mining Ethereum on a computer the Google CEO built himself

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